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"ENDURO" Silicone Automotive Upholstery

Better Than Leather


Choose humane auto upholstery options without sparing specs. Car interior standards that surpass leather: Want white? No prob. Resistant to all stains, ink, even indigo denim. Tough & scuff-free with soft haptic. Germs? Nope...naturally antimicrobial.

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Our R&D engineers have no time for R&R.  Busy as faux beavers to rollout vegan-leather for car interiors, dashboards, even steering wheels. Cruelty to animals shouldn't be an accessory on anyone's list. Speaking of lists...

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My Hero


Cowfreecar's mission? Save animals and Earth's future without sacrificing quality in auto interiors. Choose compassion over cruelty.  The global leather industry slaughters more than a billion cows, sheep, lamb and pigs for skin every year. You can be our hero!

Zero to 60 without the Moo

ENDURO Silicone Comparison

Compare PU, PVC, woven, leather



  • Highest Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent Stain Resistance
  • Compatible with all Cleaners
  • Comfortable Feel and Haptic
  • Competitive Cost
  • Best Environmental & Ethical Choice

Heavy Duty Specifications


Wyzenbeek Abrasion: 500,000 rubs

Lightfastness: 200+ Hours

Greenguard & Greenguard Gold Certified

Free from PFC, PVC, Phthalate, VOC

Produced in ISO 14001 Facility

W/B Water-based Easy Cleaning

54" Wide - Put Up 30 Yard Rolls

Extensive Stain Testing


Can you say "Superhydrophobic?"

Imagine bright, white upholstery without stains.

Or any ENDURO interior trrim that stays clean.

Even ballpoint pen and marker wipe off easily.

Germs truly hate ENDURO. No colonies, here!

Please inquire for additional test results.



  1. Is Enduro available now? Yes. But not from stock. Minimum order quantity 500 yards per color.
  2. How can I sample Enduro? Click "Contact Us" and let us know.
  3. Are any model cars now available with Enduro? Not yet. 
  4. Well then...when? There are current options to consider: https://www.peta.org/living/humane-home/vegan-car-interior-options/

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"ENDURO" Silicone Upholstery

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